Tools for Materials Characterization


CapeMCA Software

CapeMCA is the real-time gamma energy spectrum monitor for CapeSym's Universal Serial Bus (USB) multichannel analyzers (MCAs). These MCAs are designed to provide bias voltage to and read pulse currents from silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs), and to adjust the bias voltage to compensate for the temperature-dependence of the SiPM response amplitude. The MCAs operate continuously while powered, processing pulses and accumulating a gamma spectrum, pausing briefly at low frequency of (0.1-10Hz) to check for information requests from the host computer.

The CapeMCA software, which runs on the Microsoft Windows x64 desktop operating system, is used to request data from the CapeSym MCA hardware via the USB 2.0 interface. A 32-bit version is available to support Windows for ARM tablets and other platforms to use Win32 emulation.