Tools for Materials Characterization


Thallium Bromide (TlBr)

Thallium Bromide (TlBr) is a promising room temperature gamma radiation semiconductor detector material due to its high Z component and high density. It has higher photoelectric and total attenuation coefficients than other semiconductor detectors for gamma-rays with energies greater than 20 keV. For example, the attenuation length of 662 keV photons incident on TlBr is 1.4 cm, significantly shorter than that for CZT (2.3 cm).

Ultra high purity TlBr detector grade crystals are routinely produced at CapeSym using Travelling Molten Zone (TMZ) and Vertical Bridgman Techniques. Capesym can provide single crystalline TlBr detector grade devices up to 4cc in volume. CapeSym has a dedicated facility to fabricate and deliver custom (shape, size, surface treatment, metal contacts etc.) ready-to-use TlBr devices for research purposes.

The R&D in TlBr is accelerated through development of a number of novel characterization techniques to correlate material and surface characteristics with the performance of TlBr detectors.

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