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NEW ScintiClearTM high performance SrI2(Eu)

Our ScintiClear gamma detectors have light output near 90,000 ph/MeV and energy resolutions reaching 2.9% at 662 keV, for unambiguous indentification. They are based on strontium-iodide technology originally developed by Government laboratories. CapeSym has productized this crystal using industrial processes that drive cost down, and performance up. Barriers to consistent performance that were problematic in laboratory testing have been identified and eliminated. ER of = 3.3% is warrantied even in 2-inch diameters. High sensitivity is provided in a compact package, ready for integration. ScintiClear is also essentially free of internal radioactivity.

We offer Scinticlear as an encapsulated crystal, or as a packaged detector core in 1", 1.5" and 2" diameters. The detector cores (left) include a PMT and ANSI compatible, rugged packaging. Our Developer's Kit is a plug-and-play soltution with PMT, high voltage, and MCA.

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