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RadSolver - A High Energy Resolution RIID

RadSolver is based on ScintiClear detector- a new high-performance SrI2(Eu)-based gamma-sensitive scintillator. With excellent energy resolution across 20keV – 3MeV energy range, high stopping power, and the absence of internal activity, ScintiClear heralds a new era in rapid and accurate identification of complex isotope mixtures in small volumes and shielded containment. RadSolver is a rugged RIID with state-of-the-art nuclide identification software, approved by the IAEA community and widely used in demanding environments all over the world.


  • Priced to compete with standard medium resolution (NaI) RIIDs
  • Unambiguous and fast identification in heavily shielded and complex SNM masking scenarios
  • Automatic adjustment to changes in background radiation levels
  • Sourceless gain stabilization and automatic temperature compensation
  • Operation with minimal training
  • Audio, visual, earphone, vibrator and LED alarm notification
  • One-hand operation
  • Proven operation in harsh environments
  • Instrument-to-PC data exchange over USB and Bluetooth interface
  • Optional live data transmission and reach back
  • Optional automatic tagging of scanned data with GPS information
  • Specifications RadSolver RIID
    Gamma radiation detectors ScintiClear Ø46x26 mm GM-tube
    Gamma radiation energy range 20 keV - 3 MeV
    Radionuclide identification Exceeding ANSI N42.34 - 2015 requirements
    Typical energy resolution
      3.0% at 662 keV
      2.2% at 1333 keV
    Sensitivity to gamma radiation
      137Cs - 9 cps/μR/h
      60Co - 6.7 cps/μR/h
    Protection class IP65: Fresh-water-resistant, splash-proof, dust- and sand-proof
    Operating Temperature
      -4ºF to +122ºF
      -20ºC to +50ºC
    Relative air humidity <= 95% (non-condensing)
    Continuous run time 18 h
    Connection to PC USB, Bluetooth
    Overall dimensions, Weight
      9" x 4.5" x 7", 4.2 lbs
      230 x 115 x 177 mm3, 1.9 kg

    Specifications Sheet:       RadSolver RIID