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Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CdZnTe, CZT)

Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) radiation detectors offer a number of unrivaled advantages in medical imaging and security inspection, as well as substrates for infra-red focal plane arrays. In medical imaging, high resolution images can be obtained at substantially lower irradiation doses than required by scintillator-based detectors. In security inspection, the high energy resolution, sensitivity, and imaging speed achievable by CZT detectors allow for unambiguous identification of dirty bombs, contraband nuclear materials, as well as monitoring nuclear proliferation across borders. Infra-red devices fabricated on CZT substrates continue to be the leading detectors in terms of sensitivity and reliability.

CapeSym has invested years in developing processes for production of CZT substrates and gamma detectors. CapeSym's process has a very high yield of materials with superior performance characteristics.

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