SYMMICTM Users Manual
Version 3.1.6
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Mouse and Keyboard Commands


Drag the mouse while holding down both left and right buttons to pan the object. By placing the cursor over a particular point on the object before pressing the mouse buttons, the object is translated so that the cursor stays on that point. To recenter the object in the window, use the Bring to center command from the View menu.


Drag the mouse with the left button pressed to rotate the object. Horizontal motions rotate about the vertical axis, while vertical motions rotate about the horizontal axis. To obtain rotations in the plane of the display, move the cursor in circles. Use Bring to Center to adjust the axis of rotation when the model is sliced.


Drag the mouse with the right button pressed to zoom the object. A downward (vertical) motion enlarges the object, and an upward motion makes it smaller. When model is sliced, use Bring to Center to focus zoom on the slice piece. Turn off template wireframe or Auto adjust width to zoom to speed up the display.


Press and release the middle button to display the approximate temperature at a point on the device. This value is calculated from the interpolated color of the screen display and so may be inaccurate under some conditions. The P key may be used instead of the middle mouse button. To erase displayed temperatures, drag the right mouse button.

Scroll Time

Rotate the mouse wheel to examine a solution through time. Pulling the mouse wheel back shifts the time scroller toward t=0, while pushing the wheel forward scrolls the solution to later time points. If the solution contains only a single time point, the time scroller is disabled.

Zoom To

Selecting Zoom to from the View menu enables a click of the left mouse button to be used to zoom to the location under the magnifying glass. This tool can be used repeatedly, but be careful not to zoom all the way inside the model. Use the right mouse button to zoom out. To release the magnifier tool, select Zoom to (Ctrl+Z) a second time or hit the Escape key.


Slice operations involving the mouse enable a left button click to create a slice at the crosshairs of the cursor. The tool is released after slicing, but it can be retained by holding the Ctrl key down when the mouse button is pressed. To pickup the same slice tool after release, use the Ctrl+X command accelerator. The slice tool can be released by hitting the Escape key. The Ctrl+L accelerator may be used to return to a previous slice of the model.

Device Selection

Device selection by cursor allows a device in a layout to be selected as the current device (for parameter changes, saving, etc.) by clicking on the graphical display of a layout in the main window. The tool may be picked up and released by Ctrl+D.

Movements Using the Keyboard

The arrow keys on the keyboard can also be used to move the model. The arrow keys pan the model when no other keys are pressed. Holding down the Z key allows the up and down arrows to be used to zoom out and in. Holding down the R key allows the arrow keys to be used for pitch and yaw rotation. Holding the T key allows the arrow keys to be used to rotate (twist) the model in the plane of the window.

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