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Version 3.1.6
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Loading a Previous Solution

The finite element mesh from a previous thermal simulation can be loaded and displayed by selecting Load solution... from the Solve menu. A template compatible with the solution (i.e. having the same geometry) must already be opened. Only solutions in the native binary format (.rst) can be loaded.

Caution should be used when loading solutions manually (rather than having them load automatically at the completion of a simulation run), because it is possible to load a solution that is inconsistent with the current template parameter settings. If a discrepancy is detected between the mesh and template, a warning message may appear indicating that program suspects that the solution was created with different parameter settings. Some discrepancies may not be detected, however. To help the user visually identify a mis-match between template and solution, the template wireframe is automatically drawn whenever a solution is loaded from a file.

Note: When a mis-matched solution is loaded only part of the solution may be shown – the part that overlaps with the current template. Parts of the solution that lie outside of the template may not be displayed. Importantly, the temperatures outside of the template will not be included in a plot or snapshot. For these reasons it is better to rely on recorded run values for temperature measurements rather than the values displayed in the snapshot taken from a manually loaded solution file.

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