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Version 3.1.6
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An image of the SYMMIC window can be captured with the Snapshot... item from the Results menu. A snapshot creates an HTML-formatted (.htm) file with the date and time, the values of all template parameters and materials of all components, the temperatures of each device and component. If the solution is transient with multiple time points, only the currently displayed time point will be recorded in the snapshot. Any state of the window can be captured in the screenshot (.bmp file), including temperature probes displayed on top of the temperature solution. Other windows (like the Temperature Scale window) will be captured in the image, but only if they are within the borders of the main window.

Saving a Snapshot

The snapshot is created in temporary files which will be deleted in the snapshot window is closed. To save the snapshot to a permanent location, use the”Save this report” option displayed on the upper right corner of the page. This will open two save dialogs in sequence, one for saving the HTML document, and the other for saving the bitmap picture.

The name and location of the HTML file can be changed to any desired path, but keeping the suggested name is recommended. In the second dialog, save the screenshot image file. The suggested name will be the temporary filename, as shown below. This filename should be changed to the template name with a .bmp extension in order to maintain the link to the image within the HTML document.

The HTML document is expecting "FET.bmp" as the image filename.

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