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Version 3.1.6
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Saving an Image of the Solution

An image of the thermal solution can be saved by selecting the Save image... item from the Results menu. This command captures the graphics as rendered into the OpenGL display buffer of the main window and writes this color image to a file.

The Save Image File As dialog includes an option to set an integer scale factor for the rendering, so that a larger image can be created if desired. For example, setting the scale factor to 2 creates an image that is twice the size of the window client area in both width and height. Scale factors less than 1 are not accepted. To make a smaller image, resize the window before saving.

There is no limit on the size of the scale factor, but the performance of saving with larger scale factors may depend on the OpenGL hardware. In some cases it may be necessary to restrict scaling to a power of two to get reliable behavior. Be aware that the amount of image data grows as the square the scale factor. This image data is saved to the file without compression. When the graphics system runs out of memory due to a scale factor that is too large, the image will not be written.

The checking the Antialiasing box will generate a bigger image initially that is downsampled with pixel averaging to produce the specified scale factor. This process will generally produce lines and edges with less jaggedness due to pixelation effects. Under some circumstances using antiliasing with a scale factor of 1 may capture a nicer image of the window, but make sure that the OpenGL display driver is set to render with highest quality to get the best results.

Only the graphics displayed in the main window are captured in the saved image. The temperature scale, statusbar, and parameter windows are not captured, nor are any temperature probes placed with the center mouse button. To capture these overlaid windows, use the Snapshot... menu item.

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