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Recorded Values

As described in the Recording Run Values section, certain temperatures, components, and parameters will be recorded to a file after each simulation run. The current contents of the recording file can be viewed in SYMMIC by the Recorded values... item from the Results menu. The Recorded Run Values dialog displays the contents of the comma separated values file in a spreadsheet-like format. Rows of the dialog can be highlighted and then copied using Ctrl-C. The copied rows (still in comma separated values format) can then be pasted into a spreadsheet or other software for further analysis.

If a recording file has been explicitly defined (through the Value recording... option), then the Recorded Run Values dialog automatically opens and displays it. If no recording file has been specified, run values are recorded to .csv files associated with each device, and so the dialog opens and display the .csv file for the current device. Selecting a different device from the Select submenu of the Device menu, results in the Recorded Run Values dialog automatically switching the display to the .csv file for the selected device. To choose a different .csv file for display, click on the File: menu at the top of the dialog and select Open...

Note: The Recorded Run Values dialog is intended to display only .csv files used for recording, not .csv files created by saving a solution in comma separated values format. Solution files will often have more than 65,000 rows of data, and when such a large number of entries is detected a warning message will appear. Ignoring this warning message may cause the program to become unresponsive to further input, resulting in loss of unsaved changes in the devices or layout.

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