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Version 3.1.6
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Comparing Values

The File menu includes a submenu with options for comparing parameter and other values in the currently opened template to related values in a file. The operations are intended for ascertaining changes to a template from one version to another. They are not designed to compare structurally different templates, such as FET.xml and HBT.xml for example.

Compare Values to Template

This command allows the user to select a device or layout template file for comparison to the current device or layout. Differences in the following categories are reported:

Parameters. Lists all parameters with exactly matching names that differ at all in value. Any parameter names unique to one of the templates are not reported as differences.

Component Materials. Lists all components with exactly matching names that have different materials. Components that are found only in one template and not the other are not listed as differences. Note that if a component erroneously uses more than one type of material, this difference might not be detected.

Material Properties. Lists all materials that are found in both templates but and that differ by one or more values in the conductivities, heat capacities, mass densities. All such materials are reported, but ones that are actually used in the current template are flagged.

Solver Settings. Differences in the solver settings as defined in the Configure run dialogs are listed.

If any differences are detected, the differences are written to a temporary HTML file and this is displayed using an HTML display dialog, as shown below. The file can be saved or printed using the links at the top of the page.

If a layout is compared to a layout file, then each device of each layout is compared in sequence. Device 1 in memory is compared to device 1 in the file, device 2 in memory is compared to device 2 in the file, and so, until the devices in memory are exhausted. If there are more devices in memory than in the file, then the last device in the file will be compared to all the remaining devices in memory. So a single device template can be compared to each of the devices in a layout. A summary of the differences in each device will be reported as described above.

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