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Version 3.1.6
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Introduction to Analysis

As discussed in the Overview, basic device templates provide models of power-dissipating circuit elements that can be combined into layouts for thermal analysis of an integrated circuit. These circuit layouts can be exported to device templates which can be combined into module layouts. Module layouts can be exported to device templates which can be combined into even more complex subsystem layouts. The results from a module or subsystem thermal analysis can be used to improve the analysis of the circuit or device. This top-down analysis is described in detail in this chapter, using concrete examples to show how basic device templates provided with SYMMIC can be quickly and easily configured to perform a realistic thermal analysis for an entire subsystem.

The chapter begins with a description of two basic device templates provided with SYMMIC, a Mesa Resistor Template and a Generic FET Template. To demonstrate how an integrated circuit can be modeled and analyzed by reconfiguring the basic devices, a MMIC Thermal Analysis uses the Generic FET Template to analyze the thermal performance of a 2-stage X-band amplifier MMIC. The final section describes how export can be used to create a hierarchy of thermal models for a radar subsystem thermal analysis. Video tutorials of these examples are available online at

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